You had a dream. It was exciting – it was perfect – it was awesome and it was …NEW.

What do you do when your dream gets old? What do you do when the honeymoon is over?

According to M. Scott Peck, in his book, “The Road Less Traveled” six months to two years is when “romantic love” tends to either crash and burn or begin to fade and fall apart. Because that is about how long you can be on your best behavior; give it all you’re got and give fully focused on another. I have found the same to be true with our dreams…

While I was in the honeymoon phase with My Dream Catalyst, if you had asked me “What will you do when your dream gets old?” I would have given you a blank gasping stare. Because to me that was inconceivable.

Fast forward two years and the honeymoon with My Dream Catalyst was over. I was struggling juggling my time and so many obstacles. I questioned if it was even worth it – actually I questioned everything.

Yet in these questions, I rediscovered why I was doing what I was doing and why it was still worth. Here are a few of those questions you to ponder if you’re asking yourself “What do you do when your dream gets old?”

1. What Doesn’t Feel Right Anymore?

I agree with the many many people who have written about us not being our feelings. At the same time God gave us feelings and they mean something. We need to be curious about them. If you feel like something is off and that one chapter of your life needs to close in order to open another chapter then be brave and make the change you know you need to make. For me, this has looked like: leaving a coaching program, shutting down a business (ending a dream), saying “no” to things that didn’t fit anymore and “yes” to things that do.

2. What is Preventing You From Moving Forward?

For me it was being able to speak what I had been writing. It was preparing for being “out there” as my dream moved to the next level. And I was stuck becasue I didn’t know how to do that. I needed help finding my voice.

3. What is Your WHY?

Your why is your heart – it’s the foundation that your dream wells up out of. Write your WHY down. This is my personal why:

“Stories are the emotional bridge that reconnect you to yourself. Good stories make you think. Great stories make you feel. Transformational stories…they change you. I write to change the heart of the reader.” – Mary R Miller

4. Which Part of Your Plan No Longer Makes Sense? 

You made a plan and you can deviate from that plan. Sometimes things get old because we lock ourselves so tightly into our plan that we don’t see opportunity. Your goals and plans are there to guide you but if you need to pull a you turn; pull one.

5. Are You Continuing to Dream?

As you begin to claim your dreams they turn into goals and plans. Sometimes when the newness of your dream wears off you need to spend some time dreaming about what’s next. Once I wrote and released my book The Birth of a Dram Catalyst I began to dream about turning this book into a play or a movie. I also thought about my other dreams of building My Dream Catalyst into a membership site. What’s next sometimes motivates you to continue with the present plan in front of you.

Will you use these questions TODAY to dig deep and explore why your dream is getting old so you can revive it?

Copyright  2016, Mary R. Miller Author