Change is not a one –time event. Perhaps that’s why the English language provides additional words to describe the process of change like transformation, metamorphosis and development.

A change, is the result of a catalyst (i.e. pressure, time, adversity etc) being applied. And nothing applies pressure like High School – the great adolescence pressure cooker! Or maybe that was just me ?!

Next weekend is my 20 year High School reunion and the first reunion I’ve attended – ever. People have asked me why I want to go since stereo-typically these events often cause us to revert many back to our 16 or 18 year old selves. I’m going because I am a sucker for a good story! I’m intrigued and excited to hear about the paths people’s lives have taken because after 20 years everyone has a story!

Stories are the emotional bridge that connect people to ideas. This is why stories are a catalyst for change. They plant the seed of hope, of vision and so many other things.

And transformation has a story. Yes transformation. The messy part that precedes being changed. The part no one wants to talk about relegating transformation to a nameless faceless set of confusing emotions lingering in the background.

Over two years ago I wrote a short allegory about transformation, for my own personal closure. I needed to give transformation and the range of emotions I lived through names. When I was done, God showed me that transformation’s story is not just my story but everyone’s at some stage in their life.

That truth compelled me to make this story into a book and give the characters faces to go with the names – real faces of real people.

MDC_Page 45Pictured to the right is one of the pictures from my book The Birth of a Dream Catalyst:
Unlocking the Dream from Within

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How can you use your own transformation story to give someone hope today?

Copyright 2015, Mary R. Miller