CHANGE. This little 6 letter word, which is only worth 12 points in scrabble, inflicts uneasiness in us. Why? One reason is because it’s human nature. We naturally try to create order in chaos. To make the uncertain certain. The unknown is something we don’t deal well with naturally…

Yet, we all know how to survive.  This is our only choice, right? Or is it?

Is surviving really living? What if we looked at change as an opportunity instead of a threat? What if we looked at change as a door that has opened, a chance to do something great? What would our lives look like if we – if you –  decided today to not only survive but to thrive during change? Sounds great but…

How do you do that?  Well since thriving during change isn’t natural you’ll need to learn a new skill.  You’ll need to learn how to flip your resistance to change into something POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE.  You’ll need to learn how to take that negative energy you have fighting change and use it to thrive.  Then you’ll have to practice until it becomes a habit.

Sounds simple enough when there is a plan, right? Are you ready to start?  Below is your 6 step game plan to thrive during change:

  • Step 1:  List all of the major changes you’ve been through in your life; this will give you ammunition to thrive by proving to yourself that you have successfully navigated change before. Without this reflection you easily forget what you have accomplished.  Look at changes both personally and professionally.
  • Step 2: Write down your negative perceptions about whatever you’re going through related to a change.  Write what you’re REALLY think about the situation; don’t lie to yourself.
  • Step 3: Write down your positive perceptions about this change by stating the opportunity you see in the situation.  Even if it sounds ridiculous and you don’t think you can get there write is down anyway.
  • Step 4: Go back to Step 2 and write down what’s really going on inside of your mind.
  • Step 5: Go back to Step 3 write down the best you can how it would feel if this were true.
  • Step 6: Now for the flip.  What can you do or what do you need to believe to actively start living this positive perspective?

Below is a visual for your 6 step game plan to thrive during change.  I used a personal example of something I struggled with when changing from owning my own business to working for someone else.

How can you use this game plan to thrive during change in your life?

6.30.14 Thriving in Change System