My Dream is being a writer. As a writer, free time doesn’t mean you’ll finish a book. In fact, I once read that one thing that writers have in common is that they avoid writing. I’m no different as I sit here on my patio writing. I keep taking “breaks” visiting my husband in the garage. Don’t get me wrong I love writing – well, when it flows. 


The truth is that passions and dreams are like that; they ebb and flow. That’s normal, but it can be very frustrating. That’s why routine and self discipline, though not sexy, are so important to claiming your dreams. You need to stare at the page until the words come. You need to do the next thing that gets you closer to your dream, regardless of if you’re “feeling” it.


The truth is that Dreams may be magical, but the journey to achieving them is far from it. It’s messy and filled with blood, sweat, and tears. You bother, because you are compelled to. God put a Dream in your heart and you can’t not think about it. When the words don’t come or when the deal falls through, you keep going. You keep following God’s leading. You keep working. You do the next thing. You get closer to your dream regardless of if you’re feeling it.


The truth is that you and your dream have a relationship. You sow into it and it grows. You don’t take care of it and it starts to die. It’s your responsibility to feed it and it’s God’s responsibility to feed you. 


The truth is you need to let go to move forward. Let your dreams ebb and flow. Let God lead. After all, He has given you what you need. Do it and you will soar. 


My prayer for you today is that you accept these truths. That you do the next thing and you get closer to your dream regardless of if you’re feeling it. That God gives you the power to do so (2 Timothy 1:7). In Jesus name, amen.