GeradOldNavyFootball season in full bloom.  The concept of “team” is everywhere.

In life, like in sports, a team is who you surround yourself with to achieve a goal.  A team is critical to discovering and claiming your dreams. This is when you are most vulnerable; your heart and hopes are exposed.

Who do you need on your dream team? Not want but need.  How do you recruit said team members, to help you claim your dreams? How do you become said team member for someone else? Are these people you already know?

You’re in luck.  Here is the Dream Catalyst system for how to go about picking your dream team.  Look at your needs and which dream team member traits met those needs.  Depending on your personality, season of life, dreams and goals; your needs will vary but the system won’t.

Below is an example of the dream team drafting system.  I leave you with this question.  What type of people do you need on your dream team?

      Your Needs Dream Team Traits
1 To lighten up! Someone who makes me laugh even if it’s at myself (my husband pictured above is so on my dream team)
2 To not see everything as a problem. Someone who is positive and encouraging.  A glass half full kind of person who will look at my “problems” and see something good and productive.
3 Humility. Someone who is bold and honest that speaks the truth in love.  Who loves me enough to say “Yes it is possible for you to make the best sellers list in two weeks but when was the last time you won the lotto? Just saying.”
4 To talk through ideas. A great listener who doesn’t try to solve my problems but lets me work through things out loud.
5 Perseverance. Because the path to my dreams is not a short one I need to someone who will help me keep my head in the game.  Someone who can motivate me past empathy valleys.

Copyright 2013 Mary R Miller