If you consider that your body is an intricate system that God crafted, your mind is the central computer running it all.

Your mind’s central computer starts out with a basic program. In that program is your innate personality. In that program exists code that stops your fingerprints’, unique characters, from changing until you die. In that program lies the ability to feed, cry, learn, communicate and adapt.

As you grow, your mind’s central computer experiences revisions, upgrades and add-on(s). Most of this programming occurs subconsciously from daily inputs.  The more you hear something, the more its reinforced, the better chance it has of becoming a belief or value. For example, maybe your 3rd grade teacher told you that you were bad at math over and over again. This would stick in your long term memory becoming a new revision. Unless there was another person’s words or strong personality trait to counteract this data.

Even the simple question what do you want to be?” reinforces that what you do, in life, is more important than who you are. This then becomes part of your mind’s central computer program at an early age. The consequence of this is that you spend little time on the question who do you want to be?” leaving much of the development of who you are to become in the hands of others.

Well not anymore. Today YOU are in charge! Today you are taking over the role of head programmer of your mind’s central computer. Today you will question things, that you have come to believe as truths, that are not. I offer you an opportunity to do this by using the exercise below..

Programs to Delete

My worth comes from ______________________. When I don’t do

_____________________I am nothing.  When I feel depleted  I

_____________________. On the outside people see me as

__________________ yet inside I feel ____________ and

_____________. I would give anything to change ________________.

Programs to Create

I think that God created me with an inborn talent to ___________________.

My friends say that I am   __________, _____________ and ____________.  

I have always enjoyed  _______________ and __________.  I have a desire to

_____________ and _________________.   If I did that I would feel

___________________.  The best thing about me is _________________.

When you begin to tear down the barriers, of everything you think you’re not, you make a window to see everything you are.