Do you remember how to have fun? Or has it been a while?

If you were to write a letter to fun would it sound something like this?

Dear Fun, Have you forgotten me? You don’t write. We don’t talk anymore. What did I ever do to you? I used to be the fun parent, wife, friend, co-worker etc. but now I’m so serious. I’m always thinking about what needs to get crossed off of my list, who needs what, how I will deal with XYZ. Life has become about dealing with things rather then enjoying them – it is all work and no play. Please come back fun! Help me to remember how to have you in my life again. – Signed, Me

I am a very introspective, creative and generally happy person. Yet  it’s easy for me to get caught up in my own thoughts, creating solutions and constantly trying to figure things out. When I get super focused and caught up in “doing” for long periods of time it kills my creativity and spirit. Over the years I have learned how to manage myself to reopen the door to fun.

What about you? How can the way you’re wired shut the door on fun?

Regardless of why or how each of us struggles to have fun; both of us can rebuild and manage our relationship with fun so we can have joy during the journey of life.

Below are 3 tips – I use often –  to help you remember how to have fun:

1) Do Your Soul Thing: What makes you smile? What makes your heart happy? Create a list of these things – so you have them in the forefront on your mind. I have lots of them – writing, drawing, creating, listing to music, listening to the Bible, deep conversations over coffee, goofing off, funny t-shirts, meeting new people, being outside, playing with my dog, hanging our with my hubby etc. This past week it was creating and coming up with a plan to decorate my book expo table. Doing this made me so stinking happy I felt like I was 7 years old again.

2) Stop Adulting: There are moments you can construct to let out our inner child and give it what it wants. Forget about time, forget about responsibility and let yourself be free. Plan a day or a few hours where you have no plans! Allow yourself to do whatever you want like you did when you were a kid. As adults we forget how to live in our freedom; freedom is rejuvenating and takes practice to claim.

3) Notice: Deep down you never really forget how to have fun. God wired you in His image and through Christ you have joy abundant. Life’s demands and our crazy busy 24 hour society often choke out our God given joy. Notice when that starts to happen and revisit #1 and/or #2.  Also notice when you are having fun and being playful. Then decide to do more of that. Sure we have seasons in life when things are hard – but there is always room and time in EVERY DAY to spend time doing your soul thing.

Which of these 3 tips will you apply to your life today in order to remember how to have fun?

Copyright  2016, Mary R. Miller