’re at lunch,with a friend, deep in conversation.  You respond “Yes but I already know what my dream is. I already know what I want to do”. You catch yourself using a tone that tells your friend they’re an idiot. But like the good friend they are they remain undeterred saying “Yes and you’ve been TALKING about that for 5 years. You don’t have a dream you have a fantasy”.

Ouch! That hit you like a ton of bricks because… they’re right.  As the old saying goes the truth hurts.

But what do you do now?  You don’t really know why you haven’t done anything to take a step towards your dreams like writing them down, doing research, testing your idea out or making a prototype of that product in your head.

As you search your heart you hear the voice of internal resistance and self-sabotage say  “Duh! If you don’t start then you can’t fail”.

The secret to re-claiming your dreams goes beyond discovering them. You must take active steps towards your dreams and in the process overcome your own resistance. Take a S.T.E.P today.

Say it:  Say this out loud in front of a mirror. “I will stop sabotaging  myself.  The only way I can fail is if I don’t try”.  Repeat EVERY day until you believe it.

Try it:  Whatever your dream is; try it out.  If you want to drive a race car pay once to drive someone else’s.  If you want to write a book – start writing once a week to get in the habit.  If you want to sell your art work make something to sell.

Elevate: Elevate your thinking.  Time is precious; don’t waste your brain or your time on things that don’t matter (i.e. gossip, games, TV, fill in the blank ______ etc.) instead use that time to explore your dream.

Play: Yes you have to fight to re-claim your dreams yet the dream that you’re re-claiming should put a smile on your face.  Have fun with it as you learn more and more about your dream and yourself.

What step will you take today  to re-claim your dreams?

@2014, Mary R Miller