It’s 2 AM. You can’t sleep. You’re overwhelmed by all of the things you have to do tomorrow and what you didn’t get done today. This keeps you up for another hour or two or three.  Your mind has turned on you.

Suddenly all of your ideas seem like work. And to be honest your dream seems like work too. None of it is fun anymore. The honeymoon is over. You’re overwhelmed and you want to quit….don’t!

Throughout the dream journey I guarantee that you will have days like this. You may be here now. What I can tell you is that we all visit the valley of doubt during our dream journey. The trick is not to stay there.  To do this you need to remember why you fell in love with your dream in the first place.

Here are 5 Tips to Fall Back in Love With Your Dream to get you out of the valley of doubt where overwhelm lives:

1) Celebrate: Celebrate the fact that you are in the process of claiming your dream. While dreamers like us want things to happen NOW combat that tendency with something fun that reminds you of your dream or something that lets you dream (i.e. buy a fun new journal, go to a conference, have dinner with fellow dreamers).

2) Give Yourself Grace: Your dream is part of your life – it is not your life. You have other roles and responsibilities in your life and only so many hours in a day. Balance is important and somethings are not worth sacrificing like your health, your marriage, sleep,  etc.

3) Run Your Own Race: Your dream is your dream and it will unfold in it’s own unique way.  Don’t fall into the comparison trap when a fellow dreamer “makes it” before you do. Be happy for them and heck celebrate with them (see #1).

4) Focus: Focus on what REALLY matters. There is so much information out there and gaining knowledge is not the issue – applying it is. Don’t let little things side track you that are not important. Guard your time. It will feel like you’re doing less but in all reality you are going deeper.

What will you do TODAY to fall back in love with your dream?