When was the last time you were frustrated

Your computer crashed and didn’t save the email you were writing.

Your business isn’t growing at the rate you want it to. 

You’ve tried to communicate with your spouse, but it feels like you’re talking to a brick wall. 

We all have moments of frustration. What does overcoming frustration look like? First you need to look at what’s at the core of frustration. Not getting our way. Think of a two-year-old who you tell “no”. They do everything in their power to overrule your no.

While you’re an adult, your inner child still doesn’t like to be told “no”. You may think that frustration is a wasted emotion. I mean what does it have to offer?

God doesn’t waste anything. You can even learn something from your frustration. 

The frustration caused from not getting your own way leads to disappointment. It’s disappointment in your own abilities. It’s disappointment in yourself and others. These two things will always cause disappointment and frustration because we are human. 

What if you focus on God instead? What if you focus on His abilities? His kingdom? His will? You find hope. Hope that He’ll redeem the situation with the lost email, your business growth, or the communication in your marriage. What does it look like to trust Him with things you can’t control? It melts the frustration away.

My prayer for you today is that you learn from your frustration because the truth is that nothing is wasted in God’s economy. That the next time you feel frustration coming, do the following:

Hope in God’s Promises (2 Peter 3:9)

Trust in His Sovereignty (2 Samuel 7:22)

Believe in His Goodness (Mathew 19:17)

In Jesus name, amen.