You’ve been on an identity journey for the past month.  You’ve learned that intentionally digging into who you really are is the key that unlocks the door to your dreams.  You’ve explored internally to discover gifts, talents and abilities you didn’t know you had.  You gain confidence and start to think that maybe you want to unlock the door to your dreams…

With your new self-realizations you can’t help but want more.  You cannot unlearn the things you’ve learned about yourself.  You are believing that there could be more to life.  Your blinders are off and you are faced with a  choice:  Will you decide to dream?

Suddenly fear grips you.  You fear what awaits you on the other side of the door.   Your life isn’t that bad right?  You should just be happy with what you have?  All this identity stuff is making you crazy.  But you can’t shake it or deny that you were meant for more…

You want to let go of fear, anger, frustration or step over it long enough to see what could be.  To be able to see the great expanse of your vision. To see how large this world is and how small you are.  Not to diminish your own self-worth but to realize how much opportunity there is out there for you.  You want to see the wide open spaces.  There is so much to explore.

But what do you do with all this? How do you get unstuck?  How do you have the courage to turn the key and open the door?

Decide.  Decide to open the door of opportunity and set one foot into your dream.  Decide that you are worth it.  Decide that even if you don’t believe this all right now that you will.

Deciding to dream is the one decision that will change your life.