God must love variety. He created us all so differently. Some of us were born with sunny dispositions always seeing the best in things. Without a hint of negativity. I wish that was my story but it’s not…

I was born a problem solver.  When I look at the world I see how things could be. I see how to “fix” them. While this trait can be very good – like anything –  it has side effects that need to be managed.

One of those side effects is negativity. Because when you’re a problem solver everything is a well problem…

This could really be disastrous for an inspirational writer and motivational speaker. Yet this is often where my authenticity comes from. I fight tooth and nail for peace, to stay positive and overcome my natural negativity. I had to learn how to override my thoughts and become positive on the days I don’t feel like it.  This takes a lot of practice but it is possible!

Since you’re reading this I am going to guess that you have the same struggle. Here are 5 strategies that this naturally negative Nelly uses to fight negativity and stay positive.

1. Flip Things Around: Look for the good in every situation. For example, while on vacation by the 3rd day I started to become restless – relaxing is still a work in progress for me. I stepped back and thanked God for the fact I was in Mexico and not Ohio where it was snowing. I thanked Him for the time off; for all the free time I’ve been begging for. Slowly my emotions caught up and peace came. I find that when I focus on the good the negativity melts away.

2. Chose to be Positive: Being positive is a choice.  Make the choice each morning to be positive. To be grateful. Yes negative thoughts will still come but you don’t have to give into them. Ways I know that I am giving in is if I complain, start to have a pity party and to not be grateful.

 3. Don’t Trust Your Feelings: If you wait until you feel like being positive you just may never start. And you’ll have more bad days then good. Our feelings, while helpful barometers, they are inconsistent and finicky. Which is the whole reason for #2.

4. Love Yourself AND Manage Yourself:  It’s easy to coup out and say “That’s just the way I am. I am a realist. I wasn’t born Ms.Sally Sunshine.” But to love yourself for who you are includes managing yourself when you see destructive behavior. Negativity is destructive. It’s a waste of energy and doesn’t  help you achieve your dream – it pushes it further away. I love my problem solving self but I had to learn that not everything is a problem; some are opportunities; some things are simply none of my business and not every battle is worth fighting.

5. Refuse to Stay There: Negativity will suck the life out of you and that is a place where I simply refuse to stay anymore. I’m far from perfect and yes it still happens but I release it quicker these days and make a course correction. By refusing to stay in negativity your self realization will kick in and you will start to see how you’re behaving and friend – you can’t unrealize something once you realize.

What Do You Do to Stay Positive?