What are lights out moments? Let me show you.


You’re in a room. It’s dark and you can barely see. You feel for the wall so you don’t collide with it. Your eyes are starting to adjust and you can see the outline of a chair. You find your phone and turn on the flashlight. Finally, you can see. 


How did you feel at this moment? Confused, discouraged, scared, cautious maybe. Being in the dark makes you feel that way. The weird thing about the dark is that the chairs, walls and doors don’t change, only your perception of them does. As I sit here writing, God is reminding me that we all have the lights turned off on us sometimes.


I’m in a lights out moment right now. I have a new book coming out and I’m floundering with the launch. I can’t see the words. I can’t see the reader’s face. I can’t see the path forward. 


But in the dark, I can still hear God. While things are blurry and confusing, I hear Him. I hear Him say that He has a purpose for me and although I can’t see the path, He will guide me. He says to grasp His hand in the dark. 


Then something miraculous happens – He turns on the light switch and I see Him. He opens my eyes. I see love in His eyes. He gently encourages me to take a step towards Him. He is the light. He lights up the room. He lights up my heart. 


Why was I in this lights out moment? Why doesn’t God show me more? I wish I knew. What I can hold onto is His promise that He will guide me one step at a time. What I can hold onto is His hand.

I pray that if you’re in a lights out moment that you get quiet so you can hear God. That you grasp His hand and cling to Him as He sheds light on your situation. You may not see everything but you’ll see what you need to. I pray that that is enough. In Jesus name. Amen.