The TEDxBoulder Talk by Ash Beckham titled “We’re all hiding something. Let’s find the courage to open up” is really about coming out of the closet. The closet being defined as a hard conversation. That closet is universal…

Everyone has a closet in the corner of their mind. It’s often stuffed with skeletons, hopes, dreams, ideas, fears and things we’re afraid to look at. The door is locked so the mess doesn’t get out. The problem is that the good is often locked up with the bad and the closet can only contain so much before the doors blow open.

For the one who struggles to dream, like I did, the only way to discover your dreams is to chose to unlock that door. To chose to sort through the things you put on a shelf. Like the things you’d do one day. Or the things you don’t have time to deal with. Often what we lock up is the creative part of us – the part with crazy ideas that feels deeply and gets hurt easily. We lock up that part of who we are and keep living the rat race.

We may start to become emotionless robots though somewhere in our mind we remember that this isn’t all there is too life. We vaguely remember that there’s something more. And either in desperation or bravery we look through the keyhole in that door and wonder “Is it worth opening?”

I wish I could say I was brave but that’s not my story. My my own closet door busted open some time ago. I tried to close it and re-lock it out of desperation. Holding it closed took all the energy I had and I had to let go. I had to deal with all the things I had been hiding in my closet and this is what I discovered:

You’ll Survive the Door Opening: I had this vision of being pelted by everything in that closet. My closet to me was like the Hoover dam ready to break. But that’s not how things went down. By God’s grace, I had time to sort through what I could when I could.

You Will Not Be Able to Close the Door Again: Once you open that door you can’t close it. You can’t unrealize things about yourself and who you are. You can no longer pretend to be someone your’re not – those days are over.

Claiming Your Dreams Requires Transformation: Once you let your dreams out of the closet it will change you. The hope in your dream will transform you. If you allow God to work on your heart you will become more tender, more hopeful, more loving, more aware of what is possible in yourself and others. This is the fuel you need to claim your dreams.

When you let your dreams out of the closet you are choosing a hard road but one that makes life worth living. My question for you is this: is the introspective work of transformation required to discover and claim your dreams worth it ? Why or why not?

Copyright 2015, Mary R Miller