Kelley Culley
Kelley Culley is a dream claimer, wife, mom, and Professional Insurance Agent at Reno Insurance Agency

Whether you’re discovering your dream, have started to claim your dream or even when you are living your dream – you need motivation and inspiration. I know I do!

I find that hearing other people’s stories provides vision, hope and a reality check. They let us know that yes the path can be hard and the anxiety you feel some days is just a part of the process. But most of all they let us know that we’re not alone.

We all go through the peaks and valleys that transformation requires because we cannot claim our dreams without it changing us. And change above all things is a verb.

That is why I am so grateful for Dream Claimers, like Kelley Culley, who open their hearts and minds to myself and the My Dream Catalyst Community.

In this article I am interviewing Kelley Culley. Kelley Culley is a Dream Claimer, wife, mom, and Professional Insurance Agent at Reno Insurance Agency. Below you can hear Kelley as she walks me through her dream claiming journey. For the full audio email me at Enjoy!

1. A little bit about Kelley


2. When did the vision/dream begin to form? Or when did you realize that life for you could be/had to be different?


3. What was your biggest fear related to going after your dreams?


4. What/when was the tipping point/last straw etc. that caused you to decide to claim your dreams and overcome these fears?


5. What was your first step in that process? What did your plan look like? How did things actual unfold?


6. Why did you think you could pull it off? 


7. What was your single biggest challenge area related to going after your dreams?


8. What did you learn about yourself in this process? How did you have to change, improve or transform?


 9. What did you have to learn or what were some life lessons in this process?


10. What is the best part about claiming your dreams? Living the life you have now?


11. What advice would you give your former self and/or others who are in an unfulfilling career/place in their lives?


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Thank you Kelley for your honesty and wisdom. By sharing your story you give others hope and confidence to share their stories. Kelley Reno Culley is a Professional Insurance Agent specializing in Commercial & Personal Insurance at Reno Insurance Agency.

Copyright 2015, Mary R. Miller