’ve been in the business world for what seems like most of your life. You know what goals are; you’ve set them. You’ve helped your employees set them. You know about S.M.A.R.T goals and perhaps used them. You’ve maybe even read Brian Tracy’s Book “Eat That Frog” and attended strategic planning sessions.

Yet…this knowledge and the thoughts related to your dreams are jumbled in your head.

You’re struggling to set goals for your own dream. Setting goals for your dream should be easy…but it’s not…it’s often terrifying.

I remember the day I received a letter I sent myself. It was a letter I wrote at the end of a planning workshop. I described how I would celebrate and reward myself when I had met all of my quarterly goals.  My heart sank as I read the letter because I had not achieved ANY of my goals…

While this was hard my world did not end and after some reflection I realized that the act of setting goals brings you closer to your dreams because goals help you travel in the right direction.

And this is why goals are the key to claiming your dreams. They are about first leading yourself then others to an understanding of your dream and vision. They are the first step to putting your dream “out there”.

Knowing why you are setting goals helps to bring clarity to the jumbled mess inside your mind and release some of the pressure of the tactical side of goal setting.

Below is how you really spell GOAL.

  • G: G is for “go”. Goals are designed to get you moving; to help you take daily steps towards your dream.
  • O: O is for “out”. Go out and share your dream. Share your goals. If your dream is to write a book tell close friends about it and when you hope to have it published.
  • A: A is for “and”. Go out and…this is to help you remember that your dream is one part of your life; your current job, your health, your family, your spirituality are also parts of your life. Set one goal and no more than three to stay focused, happy and sane.
  • L: L is for “lead”. Go out and lead. Lead yourself, lead your customers, lead your vendors/business partners by making your vision and dream concrete with each task and each step. People will be looking for you to define the details- after all it is your dream.

How will you Go Out And Lead today?

Copyright 2014 Mary R Miller