Your heart is racing. You have chest pains. You are sweating. Your stomach is killing you. Your face is bright red. Your teeth hurt. Your skin itches. Your head is spinning and you’d give anything to get off this merry-go-round before you throw up.
An anxiety disorder has caused me to feel all of these things, sometimes all at the same time. Whether you suffer from an anxiety disorder or not, chances are, you have felt the effect of anxiety.
Anxiety is in direction opposition to peace. Peace is all about freedom not oppression.  Anxiety pushes you. It pulls you. It’s frantic. It causes you to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.
How do you stop it?
You can’t, but God can.
The only way I know to be freedom from anxiety monster is medication (some need this) and prayer. To ask Jesus to give you peace. He has answered my prayers and has given me the image below. This image helps me to breathe in His grace and exhale the anxiety (Matthew 11:28-30). Imagine sleeping next to Jesus in the boat during a storm.
My prayer is that this blesses you today and that any anxiety you feel goes to hell-where it belongs.