It’s a New Year! A new beginning. A clean slat. You have a chance to start over. And just about every personal development author, coach and speaker out there is giving you a program to help you get to your goal.

You are more than happy to start…but finishing what you start…that’s another topic…

All the accountability in the world isn’t enough to get you to the finish line…

You get so caught up in striving for the end goal that you lose motivation mid-way through. You wonder why you’re breathless and befuddled…and you try to remember why you started in the first place.

You can set any goal but if you don’t think you’ll accomplish it – you won’t.

The secret to finishing what you start is found in the belief that you are worth your dreams and goals.

Over the years when I have been successful with implementation it typically boiled down to the belief that I was worth my dreams. That belief is what gets me up at 5 AM to write even on the days when I didn’t feel like it. This belief is what lead me to complete my first book.

Forging this belief takes time. Below are the pillars of belief I have come to know.

Be: Discover who you are a part from your roles in life. Unlock your unlimited potential by spending time with yourself.

Enjoy: Enjoy yourself. You have permission to do something you think is fun and not care what anyone else thinks. For example, I just bought cartoon hands from Disney Land simply because putting them on makes me giggle.

Love:  This is a word that’s said a lot with little action behind it. How do you love you? Not a self obsessed type of narcissism but treating yourself like a friend.

Intentionality: Having your mindset that you will believe on purpose. That each day you will chose to believe in yourself until you do.

Equip: Take a life inventory. What are you equipped for that you LIKE to do? Where do your unique skills line up with what the world needs?

Focus: Focus on what’s good; what you’ve done right; the lives you’ve impacted and will impact. Positive focus crushes doubt.

As you settle into the new year how will you incorporate Belief into your plans? Will you chose today to step out, be brave and exclaim “I am worth my dream”?

Copyright 2016, Mary R. Miller