Sometimes you find yourself dissatisfied and unfulfilled by life. Sometimes your feeling meh. That’s because only God can fulfill you and He wants you to seek Him.

What do you do if your current situation leaves you feelings meh? God showed me that it’s all about perspective and positive attitude.

For example, your job may not be the perfect fit – what job is? But when you see it with Kingdom eyes you see possibility and opportunity. You see how it can equip you and fund your God given dreams. You see people who need Christ and you see opportunity to show Christ to them through love, listening, helping, providing wisdom, or just sharing the joy you have.

I recently had a conversation with my husband about this. I was feeling meh about my day job and I explained how God changed my perspective and it changed everything. Boring tasks like sales follow-ups and documentation became ways to sharpen my administrative skills. Meetings which were more of a monologue taught me patience. Situations where it was hard for me to speak up, strengthened my confidence. Empathy in hard situations let me practice kindness.

All these meh events looked very different with Kingdom eyes. It didn’t change my situation, but it changed me which made my day so much better.

When you have Kingdom eyes and follow Christ day by day you find that you can be fulfilled in any situation because you are fulfilled by Him. He may change your situation. He may not. But He promises to fulfill you.

My prayer for you today is that this gives you a new perspective in your situation and that it leads to a better attitude. That your meh turns into something better, something wonderful because you are God focused. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen!