Dreams and Def Leppard. Yes. You heard right !

As fall sets in I’ve been reflecting on this past summer. A time for roller coasters, canoeing and outdoor concerts.

For Generation X, Def Leppard was the soundtrack for our coming of age. You know the music where your folks yelled “What’s that s@it you’re listening to?”

From head banging tunes to sweet love ballets Def Leppard’s music covered every emotion. What more can you ask for? Well wine coolers maybe…but that’s another post.

The members of Def Leopard have learned, succeeded, failed and excelled over the last 30-40 years. Above all they have lived their dream and continue to live it.

Here are 3 lessons Def Leopard taught me about dreams:

1. Friendship Matters: The lead singer of Def Leopard and the lead guitarist have been friends for 39 years. Their friendship has out lasted most marriages and it stems from loyalty, sharing their gifts, having fun and being there for each other. Friendships enrich dreams.

2. God Given Gifts Don’t Expire: This was seriously the best concert I’ve EVER been to. The band sounded awesome and they were magnetic. This band is filled with gifted performers and performers perform each and every time they go on stage. They don’t know how not to. It’s what they do. Its who God created then you to be.

3. There is Always a Way: Rick Allen, the lead drummer of Def Leopard is a prodigy. He started playing for Def Leopard on his 15th birthday. When he was 21 he got into a car accident and lost his arm. But with a great group of friends and some creativity; a drum set was created where we could make wonderful music using his feet and his remaining hand/arm.

Which of these 3 lessons will you apply to YOUR dreams?