Time business concept.In the last post, we talked about “How to Separate Your WHO from Your DO?“.   Did you have trouble separating the two?  If you’re honest with yourself, is work the center of your life? Are you living to work? Do you suffer from workaholism? Looking in the rear-view mirror,  I once lived to work.  That is who I was.  I raced up the corporate ladder quickly, perhaps before I was ready. I became a leader in my mid-twenties.  I learned the Midwestern way to deal with conflict and problems; if you can’t figure something out just beat it to death with your work ethic.   But that only works for so long… Over time I felt like I was the only one who was giving 110%.  I was mad.  And to make it worse, my work which was my life, was no longer fulfilling me.  In the busyness of work, in the blindness that comes from accomplishment and pride; I started to realize something was wrong.  I started to question – is this the life I really want to live? The answer was “no”.  It took me many years to discover this truth.  I had to uncouple my identity, from my work.  This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Let me ask you the question again, is your identity co-dependent on what you do?  On the job you have or don’t have? If you said “yes”, are you ready to learn how to work to live?  You can start with the below tips.

1) Be kind to you: Pat yourself on the back if you can admit that you are currently living to work.  Self-realization takes courage.

2)  Know that you’re not alone.  Many people have been through, are on or are starting this journey.  The more we share our stories the more others can share theirs, then we will realize that this struggle is more common then we think.

3)  Commit: Commit to the journey back to yourself.  Commit to doing something today.  Take a small step in your own personal growth.  Perhaps it’s talking to a trusted friend or doing something you think is fun.  If you have no idea what fun is anymore then try something new.

4) Take the time:  Carve out time to think.  You have as much time as everyone else.  Decide to drop a few things off of your plate to work on you.  Time is necessary to discover who you are. Discovering who you are is necessary to discover your dreams.

5) Be patient:  Self-discovery is a process where you never truly arrive.  You will however have many breakthrough moments where you realize your passions, your gifts and find peace in who you are and who you are not.  Your identify and finding yourself is not a thing to check off of your to-do list but a way of life.

How will you move towards working to live TODAY?

Copyright 2014 Mary R Miller