Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up with a song stuck in your head?

The song that was stuck in my head the other day was Reba Mcentire’s “Little Rock”. If you haven’t heard it before, it’s a typical country song about the woos of love and relationships.

As I listened I couldn’t help but think about women’s relationship with success. And how the definition of that success is set at a young age and many times without you even realizing it (see Who Do You Want to Become). Then before you know it you’re wondering why you’re not happy and fulfilled when you have reached this ideal of success.

Maybe the answer to this can be found in which ideal of success you find yourself committed to and how that relationship is working out. And who best to unpack relationships then Reba? So tune up your singing voice and let’s explore this question through the lyrics of Reba’s song so you can determine if you want to give success it’s “Little Rock” back.

Well I’m married to the good life:  Are you married to someone else’s version of success instead of your own? Take a good look at your relationship with “the good life” and see if the life we’re living is how you define success.

I said I’d be a good wife: In the context of dreams your “husband” is the world’s version of success and being a “good wife” is not spending time on your own needs. What if you started investing in finding out who God wired you to be?

When I put on this ring: Are you stuck living someone else’s version of success? Were you tempted by the sparkly ring of the Corporate world? The world where working 70 hour weeks affords you a bigger house, car and defines your self-worth from what you can do? Now that the ring is on you really don’t want to take it off but feel conflicted because its cutting off your circulation. What aren’t you doing that you wish you were?

I drive a new Mercedes. I buy all the finer things. But all that don’t mean nothing: Money isn’t bad and either are things. What is bad is when they own you rather than you owning them. They are only things after all – empty things. What is truly fulfilling is living the life you were created to live by using your gifting to help others. This is what matters. Stuff is a condiment not the main course.

Find Someone Who Really Cares a Lot: Before this can become anyone else – the person who cares a lot about you MUST be you. Learn to love you. God does not make mistakes and created you just as you are.

Take a Chance Tonight and Untie the Knot: I’m advocating for divorce but not from you husband or significant other, as this song reads, but from the lies that are holding you back. Start the process of divorcing those lies today by clicking here.

There’s More to Life Then What I’ve Got: You know in your heart of hearts that you are just going through the motions. You know something is off. You know that you are not fulfilled by the world’s version of success and start today to define what success means to you (click here to read about defining your own version of success).

Will You Give Success It’s Ring Back Today? What Will Be Your First Step?

Copyright 2015, Mary R. Miller