Something feels off. Have you ever felt that way? You know you need to change something but you don’t know what? You feel stuck…

That is where I’ve been lately. Stuck – wondering what is off. Then as I watched this video from Lori Deschene I heard her say something simple yet profound: “A persona draws an audience but a person creates a community”.

In my striving to get Dream Catalyst “out there”, as a resource accessible to you, I forgot part of my vision. In Lori’s words I saw what is missing…what is missing is community.

You see the vision for My Dream Catalyst is to become a community…a home… where you can share life lessons, struggles and successes as you journey through discovering and claiming your dreams.

And although I have insights to share with you as you…as we… go along; I have always felt that My Dream Catalyst is yours. Something you have ownership in. Something you are a part of. Something that you want to contribute to.

So today my role changes to community developer.  I am here to build up the My Dream Catalyst Dream Claimer community. And to do that being authentic is not enough; I need to be transparent.

What’s the difference? According to Wikipedia “authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures” while “transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed.”

While authenticity is being truthful about who you are and what you think being transparent is being open and truthful about where you are right now.

Why does it matter? Because you see I am on the journey with you. My Dream Catalyst is my current dream. I can no longer blog as a persona because like you I am implementing my dream.

Everything I write I write for both of us and today I am letting you know that. Because being transparent is about moving past the need to be the “expert”. It’s about sitting next to you not across the table from you.

What do you think it takes to build a community of dream claimers?