To create a better life you need to first look at what it means to create. To create means to bring something into existence.

God is the master builder. He created the world. He built it all from scratch. The heavens and the earth. Night and day. Land and sea. Everything. (Genesis 1)

The good news is that God has given you the gift of creativity to build your life with Him. To make decisions. Your life is in fact God’s building.

For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building. – 1 Corinthians 3:9

The life you have right now you built. God gave you the gifts, talents, experiences, friends, family, and other resources you needed. You used these to build what you have now.

But maybe what you have now is missing something.




To create a better life, you need an updated blueprint. You need a vision of a life that makes your heart sing. To create that blueprint, you need God.

You’re like Nehemiah who rebuilt the temple of God. God gave him all he needed. The direction, the supplies, the time to think, and people to help. If your life is not intentionally built with God in the center, you will continue to search for that next best thing. You will never be satisfied because only He can satisfy.

Where do you start?

First, don’t completely knock your house down. You have some good things in there that you need to salvage and fix. To do that you need to do an inspection and inventory of what you have. Then choose what to rebuild and what to renovate.

Below is an exercise I sometimes use with my Christian Life Coaching clients. It helps you do that inspection. It’s also empowering because it helps you to remember that you do have a choice. Many choices, and with God, like Nehemiah, you have all you need.

Step 1, Draw a house: This represents the way your life looks now. Pray and go through the exercise. God will help you.

Step 2, Foundation: For the foundation of the house, write down your beliefs, values, and what your identity is based on right now.

Step 3, Front Door: This is your connection with others, yourself, and God. What does that look like right now?

Step 4, Roof: This is how you weather the storms in life. How did you handle your last struggle or storm? What was healthy and what wasn’t?

Step 5, Windows: This is how you see the world, opportunities, people, God, and work.

Step 6, Walls: This is the focus area in your life. How are your walls decorated? What is the environment of your life like? Stressful? Peaceful?

Step 7, Vision: Go back to Step 1 but this time draw another house. The second house is the way you and God want your life to look like. Don’t stop before you start because the vision isn’t clear. Pray and work through it with God. It may take a while, but don’t give up.

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