Live and learn. Sometimes this saying is like nails running across a chalkboard. Why can’t you just learn without the pain of living through the lesson? Why can’t you just find contentment?

In my case, it’s partly due to a family trait of hardheadedness. This helped lead to life lessons learned the hard way. Yet life has a way of softening our thick skulls over time…

When I went after my first big dream of owning a business; it was all or nothing. I was very black and white with my time. Being content on the dream journey, while I was driving to my end goal, was not something I knew how to do! I worked countless hours. I was still a slave to work and productivity just like in my previous job. The only difference was my end goal…

You see there was no major change within me. The only change was in the external thing I was striving for. It was not until I failed that I could see how destructive lack of contentment is. Through this life lesson and the years that followed I learned how to be content and driven. Perhaps this sounds contradictory but it’s not – it’s actually essential.

Here are ‘7 Tips to Find Contentment on the Way to Your Dream’ which I have learned during my own dream journey.

1.  Time Won’t Be Stopped: You can’t control the ticking clock. While your dream is your baby there are times it will need to wait so you can enjoy the people and moments in your life. Your dream is part of your life – it’s not your life.

2.  Each Day is an Adventure: Yes have a plan – that is essential. At the same time be flexible to new opportunities. You never know which doors will open. Don’t let being hyper focused blind you.

3.  Learn to Honor Your Capacity: We all need downtime and we all have limits.  Get to know your own capacity. Know when you can do more and when you’ve had enough.

4.  Drive Your Dream Don’t Let it Drive You: When Your Dream starts to turn you into a doing monster STOP drop and pray or reflect or whatever you need to do to not fall into a pattern of obsessive achievement. It’s your dream to navigate.

5.  Gratefulness & Reflection: When you feel overwhelmed. When you feel like you’re not making progress. When your dream seems far away, reflect on how far you’ve come and write down what you’re grateful for.

6.  Listening & Observing: Listen to what others are saying. Listen to the words that come out of your mouth and inside your head. They are a barometer for your contentment.

7. Interact: This is fully giving someone else your attention. Being excited for them about their dream and pouring into them without thinking the whole time “When will they stop talking so I can go do XYZ”.

What steps can you take in the New Year to find your own contentment while implementing your dream?