A while back, I was at a corporate leadership retreat and the speaker asked those who like change to raise their hands. Then he asked for those who were sitting in the same seats as yesterday to raise their hands.  The room broke out in unbridled laughter when 90% of the room’s hands were raised.

His point and that visual stuck with me ever since. You may say you like change. You may say you embrace it. You may use common self-help terms like “get out of your comfort zone,” “if you’re not growing you’re dying,” etc.

Growth and change are far from sexy but the self-help industry has glamorized them.

What I have seen in my many years of coaching, consulting, and leading is that people like change until they try to change. When you start to make a change, the discomfort sinks in. Then you begin to see the barriers in the way. Then you come face to face with 20+ years of bad habits and negative mindsets, and the changes look insurmountable.

And that’s the part of change that no one wants to see. The challenge.

This is why the self-help industry focuses on the outcome of change, not the work that change requires. I admit I’ve done this before in my own marketing because it works, but when you show the gold at the end of the rainbow without showing the trek it takes to get to the pot, you do those who want to change a disservice. You only show them part of the picture they are committing to.

Seeing only the end-vision robs you of the truth that making life and mindset changes takes work.

Change takes commitment.

Change takes not only accepting being challenged but embracing it because you know that you need that challenge to change.

Change requires loads of humility and relying on God every step of the way because His burden in light and He, not not you, makes the lasting change.

This is why people hire life coaches, personal trainers, and consultants. That’s why I hired my coach and that’s why my clients hire me.

My coaching clients grow and succeed because they have or are building a vision and embrace being challenged to get there. They see the whole picture and they

Here are the words of the first client who asked me to coach her:

“I think you could challenge me to not run from discomfort but to moved towards it and grow.”


Are you ready to embrace the challenge that is required to change?

Are you ready to reach beyond where you can go by yourself and gain perspective from someone who is a few steps ahead of you?

Then book a discovery call with me my clicking here. Learn about the coaching industry. Find an accountability partner. Find another coach. Do something! That is my challenge to you to make a change.