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God’s Warrior

40 Prayers That Will Change Your Life

from Author Mary R. Miller

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Are you unable to pray when faced with a struggle?

Do you feel stuck and powerless?

Do you feel guilty that you don’t have it all together and are left alone in a vulnerable place?

The prayers in God’s Warrior help you stand up again. These prayers give a voice to your internal struggle and at the same time highlight God’s love for you, so you are equipped to battle the struggle head on.

This book is filled with intimate honesty brought together with a creative format which includes a line from the original poem I Am a Warrior, a related Bible verse, and an original prayer for each day. Like you, I have battled many things in life including mental health where the highs and lows have tried to knock me down. My faith in Christ keeps me going. I pray that when you hear this message you will be filled with empowerment once again.

Though the book is short, it is mighty.


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Freedom A to Z

26 Devotionals That Help You Reclaim Your Life 

from Author Mary R. Miller

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Do you feel like your life has a life of its own and it’s not including you?

Sometimes life can strangle you. You become hostage to your stuff, your obligations and other things that are oppressing you. Jesus didn’t die for you to live in bondage.

These daily devotionals help you uncover the areas in your life where you are stuck. They provide biblical truth and insight to set you free. Let this book lead you to a break through so you can experience the freedom God has for you.

The only thing you need to do is start.


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