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I’m Mary Miller.

I’m a lover of Jesus, people, new ideas, exploring, technology, animals, writing and the Caribbean. I’m a wife, author, coach, and engineer living in sunny Dayton, OH!

Christian Life Coach

I am a coach who is fierce about bringing woman closer to Christ as they step up to fulfill their God given dreams.

I believe that God planted a dream in your heart and it’s your responsibility to go after that dream.

I help you do that.

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Born on Labor Day

Boy does God have a sense of humor! I am a recovering workaholic who was born on labor day.

I’ve been in the professional world for 25+ years working in businesses from small privately held to Fortune 500 Companies while getting a BSME, MBA, and a coaching certification.

GIRL! I know how to work!

Working was my safe place…until it wasn’t.

So over 10 years ago I stepped out of the rat-race and into the unknown.

God showed me how to use my gifts of exhortation, strategy, creativity, and encouragement to help women grow through my coaching services and various books.

While there have been many highs and lows I didn’t regret that decision for a minute!

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Why I Love Coaching

I love coaching because I get to equip, encourage, and guide women to step up and fulfill their God given dreams.

I get to work with the most AMAZING women! Each with unique lives, situations, and dreams. The one thing they all have in common is they love Jesus!

But most of all I love doing what God has anointed me to do because the best part is I get to do it with Him!

How I Help People

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How exactly do you help women fulfill their dreams?” I love this question because I get to share what’s behind the curtain.

During each call I provide:

  • Biblical insight to put God at the center of your decisions
  • Practical guidance to break through barriers freeing you to focus on your gifts
  • Strategies to reach your dream
  • Christ centered accountability to ensure you take steps needed to fulfill your God given dreams

What to Expect on a Call:

  • Before the call – You pray and reflect to focus on Christ in order to complete the homework from the previous call.
  • During the session – We pray. We discuss your homework and a number of other things. I navigate the conversation with questions, take notes praying for Holy Spirit to reveal connections and themes in your thoughts and behaviors and how they impact our dream journey.
  • After the call – I pray, read my notes then create homework to get you another step closer to your dream.
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Chapter 1: My Wake-Up Call

I walked into my boss’s office and said, “I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going but in six months I won’t be here.”

The stress from the last decade was reeking havoc on my body and it rebelled. Not with words but with migraines, anxiety, rashes, depression, heart palpitations – really anything it could think of.

The stress and fear for my health fueled the boldness to leave a very well paying and stable job with an unknown future.

I thought the solution was to change situations, but as the saying goes, you take you with you…

Chapter 2: Letting Go

Before I changed my situation, I didn’t stop to reevaluate my heart. Instead, I analyzed my skill set to come up with the perfect situation. I landed on business ownership and we bought a franchise.

That failed. The two situations after that failed. I found myself trying to claim my dreams with all I had. My previous success, status, title, and experience weren’t enough.

Out of desperation, I began to rely on God. I had relied on myself for years but that wasn’t working anymore. God showed me what was holding me back. Deep down I would not let Him love me.

I protected my heart from both the good and the bad. The healing only began when I let go…

Chapter 3: Renewed

The Master builder put me back together keeping what mattered, threw out what didn’t and added what was missing.

Then I began to fulfill my dreams. I became an author and have written three books with more on the way (click here for my author page). I began coaching again moving from business to Christian Life Coaching.

Since then my books, workshops and coaching services have helped hundreds of women to ditch fear and doubt, keep their identify rooted in Him and step up to fulfill the dreams God gave them.

Let me help you navigate the next chapter of your life so you can fulfill your dreams God’s way. Click here to get started.