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Hi. I’m Mary!

Welcome to Dream Catalyst, where we encourage you to fight for your dreams and help you find the faith to persevere. We believe that in Christ you can do all things and that He made us for victory in this life.

Dream Catalyst is a place to come when you are in the throws of life’s daily battles and your dreams seem far away or even impossible. When you are faced with discouragement, lack of direction and need tools to keep going. Consider Dream Catalyst your shield and sword.

Fighting for dreams… that is in our DNA.


All dreams realized


I encourage Christian women with unrealized dreams to overcome what’s holding them back from pursuing their dreams.

Core Values

We believe that only Jesus can change people and it’s our calling to help as servant leaders.

We believe in encouraging everyone to plan, reach toward, and achieve their dreams.

Christians need to demonstrate that God implants ideas in us that the world needs and it’s our calling to make them real.

Personal development can be challenging and fun — it is your task to learn new things and replace lies with truth.

We are more alike than different — every person has worth; value and everyone’s dreams are important.

I Am A Warrior – Single

Your Version of Success Interview

What is Holding You Back?

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