Helplessness. Sometimes you can feel it on your dream journey like when things don’t seem to be going anywhere. Or when you’ve heard no for the 100th time. Or when you are so discouraged that you feel like giving up. I’ve been there my friend. Below is a prayer I prayed when feeling this way. Admitting my feelings of helplessness to God and laying it all on the table actually helped. I pray that this prayer helps you too.


Jesus, I need you! I am trapped in helplessness. But You are my Lord, my God, my King. You are worthy of all my worship. Help me, by your grace, to know you and love you so deeply and dearly that the things of this world fade away and grow strangely dim.


I want to worship you and you alone. I don’t want to be forged by this culture. I am in you; I want to be one with you. Bind my heart to yours, place your truth deep within me. I not only want to know you and your Word; I want to have the desire to forsake sin and follow you and your Word. Enable me to worship you in spirit and in truth.


I need your power, your grace, and your love so that no matter what life brings my way, I can respond to each situation, each person, and each trial in a way that glorifies you. I don’t want to respond merely outwardly, but rather from within, from the river of living water. I want to be so close to you, Jesus, that your Spirit flows from me in all I do and say. May I find all my joy in you. May this helplessness fade away quickly.


No matter where I am, what I am doing, what Scripture I am reading, or what song I am singing, I want my mind, my energies, and my heart focused on you and not on me and my circumstances. I want you and you alone.


No matter if I succeed or fail, win or lose, am rich or poor, am included or excluded, am known or forgotten, may I be content knowing that you are mine and I am yours.


May my chief aim be to love you and be loved by you, to please you, and serve you. Help me to see my sin, mourn it, and forsake it, by your grace. Help me hunger and thirst after righteousness.


Lord Jesus, grant me your grace, your mercy, and your loving kindness to enable me to see you, know you, love you, and be one with you. Thank you that your Word tells me if we ask anything in your name and according to your will that you will do it (John 14:13-14). In Jesus name, amen.