You’ve been thinking about Christian Life Coaching, and don’t know if it’s for you. You want to dip your toe into the water with a discovery call but have been hesitant. There are some things you want to work through that are preventing you from being your best self and stepping into your God given dreams and calling. You can’t make up your mind. Let me help! Below are 50 signs that you need Christian Life Coaching.

1) You’re Confused About Your Purpose – You have no idea how Christian Life Coaching can help you because you don’t know what you want out of life. The good news is that God knows your purpose, and Christian Life Coaching can help you uncover it.

2) You Keep Starting and Stopping Things – You’re giving yourself whiplash. Be it a business, a book, a program, a project, you’ve tried many things but you are scared to pick just one thing. Christian Life Coaching can help you work through your various interests and keep you on track with the ones God wants you to focus on.

3) You’re Discouraged that You’re Not making the Progress You Want to Make – You may have been working to grow your business for a long time and it’s not growing or maybe you’ve been at your job forever and you are being passed over for promotions. Christian Life Coaching will help you dig into what’s really happening in these situations so you can move forward.

4) Deep Down You Don’t Think You Have What It Takes to Really Make an Impact – You know logically that God made you and that you have a lot to offer. But your heart doesn’t really believe that. Christian Life Coaching can help you embrace and receive God’s love for you, giving you the confidence to step out into your calling.

5) Other People Are Already Offering What You Plan to Give – There are 7.7 billion people in the world that need help. You are needed, my friend. Christian Life Coaching will help you to reframe and discover the unique way you do what you do and help you to do it!

6) You Believe that You Can’t Have a Ministry and Draw a Paycheck – God is a God who provides. He will provide for you, be it donations through a non-profit or payment for services rendered. Being compensated for what you do is Biblical. In Luke 10:7, 1 Timothy 5:18 and Matthew 10:10, God’s Word says the worker is worth/deserves their wages and 1 Corinthians 9:14 is very clear, that the Lord in fact “..has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.” Christian Life Coaching helps you work through this mindset of fear, guilt, shame, and scarcity, turning you towards God’s truth about compensation.

7) You’ve Tried Before and Failed – Failing is hard. I get it. But the needs in this world are so vast that it’s worth trying again. Christian Life Coaching will guide you through as you try again, armed with new knowledge and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

8) You Don’t Think You’re Bold Enough – It doesn’t matter who you are in the natural. If you’re timid or quiet God gives you what you need to step out and Christian Life Coaching helps you to grow into boldness.

9) The Path isn’t Clear Enough – Christian Life Coaching will help you to create a dynamic strategic plan to get your started and your coach will be with you as you follow your plan and the Holy Spirit.

10) You Don’t Have the Time – Part of the bi-weekly Christian Life Coaching calls help you to focus and prioritize the tasks you need to do. These calls help you to leverage the time you do have.

11) No One Believes in Your Dream – It sucks when others don’t support you. I understand. Christian Life Coaching helps you walk through your dream with the Lord. A coach is on your side cheering for you.

12) You’re Not Ready – You’ll never feel ready to start Christian Life Coaching. In fact, Christian Life Coaching is what helps prepare and equip you for your purpose. You have all you need to start; yourself.

13) Now is Not the Right Time – If you have been saying for years that you need to step out and write that book or start that ministry or business, the right time will never come. Christian Life Coaching helps you to claim the opportunities God is giving you.

14) You’ve Tried Coaching Before and Had a Bad Experience – I’m sorry this has happened to you. It’s happened to me as well and I have learned that not every coach is a fit for you and you’re not a fit for every coach but it’s worth it to try again. This is why coaches have free discovery calls.

15) You’re Stuck – Christian Life Coaching will get you off center and moving in the direction God wants you to go.

16) You’re Not Strong Enough – Christian Life Coaching helps you to embrace the strength God gives you when you accepted Him into your heart.

17) You Fear Failure – As the saying goes, it’s easy not to fail if don’t do anything. As Christians God made us to go into the world. A Christian Life Coaching program helps you to overcome and walk through your fears to do what God is calling you to do.

18) You Fear Success – Success exposes your talents to the world, and it can be scary. Christian Life Coaching helps remind you that any success you have is of God. It helps you stay humble and stay focused on God.

19) You Already Have a Good Support Network – Christian Life Coaching is an addition to your current network. Coaches hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do and help you break through barriers to get there. Many people don’t have someone who challenges them in their lives a coach will.

20) You Don’t Know Where to Start – Christian Life Coaching will help you to get started wherever you are. You don’t have to have everything figured out.

21) You Don’t Have the Ability to Focus – In this noisy world it is hard to focus but through Christian Life Coaching, with a variety of strategies and your coach’s support, you’ll learn how to lean and depend on God as He helps you to focus.

22) You Don’t Have the Discipline – Once you gain the ability to focus as mentioned above, your Christian Life Coach will help you hone that skill to develop habits that work for you and provide consistency and discipline.

23) You Need Accountability – You came to the right place. Accountability is a big part of Christian Life Coaching.

24) You Want to But Haven’t Been Able to Think Things Through – Christian Life Coaching calls give you the time to think things through and talk them out with your coach in a safe and uninterrupted space.

25) You Need More Coffee – I’m a coffee lover too, but if you’re exhausted and depending on ever-increasing coffee intake to survive your daily life, Christian Life Coaching will show you there’s another way to live and help you to live that way.

26) You Feel Far from God – Christ is at the center of Christian Life Coaching calls and your homework outside of the calls. As you seek God more and more, you will find Him and hear Him.

27) You Don’t Understand the Bible – No problem. Christian Life Coaching starts where you are and will help you in Biblical areas that may be confusing to you.

28) You Don’t Know Your Gifts – Finding and understanding your gifts is covered in the first Christian Life Coaching call. This is so important that I have a quiz to help you unlock your gifts. Click here.

29) You Know Your Gifts But Don’t Know How or Where to Leverage Them – Christian Life Coaching will help you to extract the precious from the worthless helping you use your gifts in the opportunities God gives you (Jeremiah 15:19).

30) God is Convicting You to Start the Work He Gave You – I have learned that if God is convicting you to do something, then you should do it or you’ll lose out on an awesome opportunity He is giving you as a gift. Starting a Christian Life Coaching program is a great next or first step.

31) You Have a Clear Dream – I’m so happy for you that you know what your dream is! As a Christian Life Coach, I will help you to fulfill that dream while being dependent on God the entire time.

32) You Know You Need to Be Challenged – If you haven’t been able to make a lot of progress on your own, Christian Life Coaching will help you. It will challenge you and stretch you, so that you can do what God wants you to do in this chapter of your life.

33) You See a Need in the World You Could Fill – You can do many amazing things. Each gift, talent and ability God gave you has a Kingdom purpose and impact. Christian Life Coaching helps you develop a path to fill the need you see in the world.

34) You Are Passionate About Something – God gave you that passion. You know this because when you see things like injustice, dishonesty, abuse, etc., your blood boils. Christian Life Coaching will help you hone that passion to in order to help others.

35) You Are Restless – You’ve had six jobs in the past two years, or you can’t sit still, or you can’t shut your mind off. Whatever it is, God can use that nervous energy for His Kingdom. Christian Life Coaching will help you do that.

36) You Are Stressed – You know that Christ didn’t die for you to live a stressed life, but you’re really struggling in this area of your life. Christian Life Coaching will give you Biblical strategies to help you replace your stress with gratefulness and joy.

37) You’re Thinking About Changing Careers – You’re in a job that doesn’t give you joy. You may be great at it, but if your job leaves you exhausted you may not be working in your giftings. Christian Life Coaching helps you use your God given gifts as you look at the opportunities. He is Jehovah Jireh, and He will provide.

38) You’re Thinking About Starting a Business – Christian Life Coaching will help you to lean into God and discern His direction. Owning a business isn’t for everyone, and the way you run it can vary; your coach can help you to work through that.

39) You Know What God Wants You to Do but You Have Been Procrastinating – Even though God equips those He calls, stepping out into the unknown can be scary. I totally understand. A Christian Life Coaching program helps you reenforce how God has and is equipping you for where He is calling you to. Your coach will help you work through the fear and mindsets not of Him that are stopping you from stepping out. Your coach is in your corner.

40) You Have Too Many Interests – Your whole life people have been telling you to focus and pick one thing that you can do. You’ve tried but it just doesn’t work. Some people call this being gifted or being multi-potential. It doesn’t matter how you label it. This is simply how God made you. Christian Life Coaching helps you to leverage this for His Kingdom and have fun while you’re doing it!

41) You Have NO Boundaries and Keep Saying “Yes” to Everything – This is an area where many women struggle. You are raised to be “nice” rather than strategic and there is much cultural pressure to serve. The thing is, if God isn’t calling you to do something, it’s not in His will. Christian Life Coaching helps you to focus on what He wants you to do and helps you with boundaries. When you say Yes to everything you are also saying No to the main things. (Note: a great book about this is The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst)

42) You Want More Freedom in Your Life – Our God is a God of freedom and not oppression. If you are confused, lifeless and stressed, this is not God’s Best for you. Christian Life Coaching helps you get back on track in your walk with Him to a place of freedom in Him. This can be hard to do on your own because you’re too close to your own life—you don’t accurately see some of the things you’re doing.

43) You Need a Push to Start, Get Unstuck or Finish – Life is busy. Without intentional focus and discipline, it is very hard to achieve your goals and dreams. Bi-weekly Christian Life Coaching calls inject direction, encouragement, and empowerment to help you start, keep going and/or reach the finish line throughout your journey. After all, it’s hard to push yourself when you have so many other things competing for your attention.

44) You’re Not Making Progress on Your Own – You have tried self-help books, workshops, training, and Master Minds but none of them are working for you. While these are all wonderful solutions, they don’t work for everyone. The more intense your goals and dreams, the more you need one-on-one, custom-tailored attention and Christian Life Coaching gives you that.

45) You Have Run Out of Hope That “It” Will Ever Happen – Whatever your “It” is—a business, an invention, having a family—God put it in your heart. Christian Life Coaching will help you maintain perseverance, encourage you and give you hope in Christ to fuel your journey.

46) You Need More Fun in Your Life – Not playing or giving yourself “free” time will burn you out. Christian Life Coaching will help you integrate play and fun into your life as you do the work God has given you to do.

47) You’re Sick of Working for “The Man” – I don’t know who “the man” really is but I know he’s oppressive. Christian Life Coaching helps you see your current situation with new eyes as well as the opportunities around you to help build up God’s Kingdom.

48) You Want More of Christ in Your Life – Christian Life Coaching is different than other coaching or personal development programs because it truly is Christ-centered, which impacts evert aspect of this program.

49) You Know There is More to Life – Lately you’ve been going through the motions. Things aren’t bad, just comfortable. You keep thinking there is something more for you. Christian Life Coaching will help you to start really living.

50) Your Life Feels Overwhelming and Complicated – You have so many balls in the air that you stopped counting them. You are so mentally and emotionally exhausted and by the end of the day you feel like a character from The Walking Dead TV series. Christian Life Coaching will help you center your life in Christ, so you have more peace, joy and freedom.

There you have it. 50 signs that you need Christian life coaching. If you’re ready to dip your toe into the water, sign up for a free discovery call with me. Just click here.

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