No matter how you feel, you were not made to be timid. You were not made to give up on your dreams. You were not made to back away. God gave you His spirit.  He made you to be brave.


For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” – 2 Timothy 1:7


But you don’t make yourself that way. Jesus is the one who enables you to be brave. If He can make me brave, a naturally timid person, He will do the same for you. Here are 5 secrets to being brave, so you can claim your dreams.


Bold in faith: It’s your faith in Christ that makes you bold. It’s your faith in Him and not yourself that motivates you to step out. You are bold when you know whose you are (John 1:12).


Rooted in Christ: Your source of power comes from Christ. He is the root system for your heart and the only reason you ever bear any fruit. You must stay connected to Him to be brave.


Anointed by the Spirit: God chose you to be a part of His plan. He anointed you for your role in this world. That role may vary throughout your lifetime. But one thing is certain, He will equip you to be brave by anointing you.


Victorious in this life: Part of being brave is overcoming challenges. It’s stepping out in faith and getting back up when you are knocked down. It’s believing that God has worked all things for your good.


Established salvation: You know where we’re going because you know how this ends.


How will you be brave today?