You have a superpower.

YOU have something that YOU do that no one else can do the way YOU do it.

Let me say that again…

YOU have something that YOU do that no one else can do the way YOU do it.

That is your gift to the world; your superpower.  That is why you are the next _________ (your name) not the next ________________(who you wish you were).

What prevents you from using your superpower?  Your kryptonite.

Is your superpower being wicked smart?  Then pride may be your kryptonite.  People don’t think fast enough, move fast enough or ever meet your expectations.  Some days you get so frustrated you just give up.

Is motivating other your superpower?  Have you ever used it to manipulate people?  To get them to say “yes” and think something was their idea?

Or maybe your superpower is crunching data to educate or tell a story.  But feeling unappreciated is your kryptonite . So you withdraw and don’t use your superpower.

Whatever your superpower is some days it’s hard being a superhero. 

Some days you just want to take the cape off and be “normal”; be like everyone else.  So what’s a girl to do?  Decide to use your superpower for good no matter what.  Why?  Because the world needs you.  Here’s how: 

1.  Pick Your Power Source:  Is it your cape?  Meditating? Spending time with God?  Talking through your frustrations to gain perspective? When you’re faced with your kryptonite plug into your power source.  Plug into what gives you energy, what makes you feel strong.

2.  Practice:  When Superwomen was born she had to learn how to fly.  She had to practice and sharpen her senses and hone her powers.  You are the same.  Use your superpower every day!  At work, at home, in your community.  The more you use your super power the more you will be motivated to use it and the stronger you will become.  The more you practice you using your super power and overcoming your kryptonite – overtime the kryptonite will lose its power.

3.  Perspective:  When you are faced with your kryptonite and frustration kicks in change your perspective.  Step out of the situation and coach yourself like you would a friend.  Ask yourself  what won’t happen if you don’t engage?  Who won’t you help?  Is being pissed off and withdrawing worth it?

What is your Superpower?  How do you overcome your kryptonite today?