Activate. Don’t you love that word? It’s an action word that means to cause something or someone to function or act. It’s about deciding to do something. What would it look like to activate your dreams?

I remember when I struggled to dream. I was so frustrated that I could have screamed! I would say in my head “I’m so sick of implementing everyone else’s dreams!  Why can’t I dream?  Why is my mind blank?” And sad to say these were often my “prayers” …

Then one day my temper tantrums got old and I realized that they were not effective in activating my dreams. I had to do something else about this lousy situation.  I had no one to blame but myself (note: this was not my favorite self-realization moment but one of the most helpful).

So what did I do to activate my dreams?  I created and used the below steps to take action. What I am about to share with you changed my life.

One thing each one of these steps has in common is Hope. Hope is the belief that there is a dream out there for you.  If you are in a place where you need some hope click here.

  • POWER: Create your own inner power.  You need to stop allowing your internal negativity and the negativity of others to win. You can do this through prayer (I highly recommend this book); stating out loud that you do not agree with your own negative thoughts (feels weird at first but it works!); creating a fun and positive environment where you can think; meditate/schedule alone time and learn how to motivate yourself. Decide to use all of your energy to win the battle. Without power nothing will change.
  • PRACTICE: Accept that dreaming is a skill.  If you haven’t dreamed for the past 15 or 25 years, why would it come easy? As you practice you will learn more about how you dream – in what type of environment you dream best in etc. Practice being creative.  Practice letting your mind go. Practice spending time with yourself.  Practice make progress – let perfection go!  It’s the enemy of progress.
  • PERSISTENCE & PERSEVERANCE: These two words go together and both are needed for dream activation. Persistence is to keep trying, again and again, regardless of the obstacles you face or how hard the task becomes.

You can be persistence for a day, a week, a month but persevere is a way of life. You keep trying EVERY DAY to get closer to your dreams.  No matter how long it takes you never give up on discovering your dreams .

How will you use these steps to activate your dreams today?